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Aaj toh India kicked ass! Today’s was an exhiliratin display of gamesmanship. India literally batted Pakistan out of the match.

Pehle to apna dada can’t bat lekin is still the toss ka boss. Sachin oncg again 4got that he is an opener n not a replacement 4 kumble, Sehwag was at his usual mood. Dhoni ka promotion was a master move n such decisions help dada retain his place.

Dhoni apart frm his super cool hairstyle proved his worth wid the bat as well. Dravid played one of his usual i-know-wat-i’m-doin knocks, n guided Dhoni lekin made him run a lot. Offlate Rahul’s marathon innings have infused a lot of energy vich enable him 2 make those sharp singles with utmost ease.

Then the look on Inzy’s face wen India crossed 300 was priceless like those MasterCard ads. But the bowlers held their nerve n finally India went up 2-0.

PS: Inzy’s words wen he was runout, can anyone put em as a comment?


Written by maxdavinci

April 5, 2005 at 9:59 pm

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