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Kimi in Spain……

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Kimi was in a league of his own as he dominated the Spanish GrandPrix. JPM back after an injury held his own against schumi as the Italian champ was forced 2 retire after typre probs. The other Ferrari was lapped by the leaders, Schumi looked menacing as he reached 3rd place frm his startin position of 8th on the grid.

But the race belonged only to Kimi n Alonso, the latter 4 garnerin all crowd support n was the centre of focus. The minardis still have their problems and Montiero finished ahead of Karthikeyan 4 a change today. So much 4 a star studded Sachin, Anand and Narain meet!

Kimi is 3rd in the standings now and will have 2 race hard if he wants a gud finish to the season……


Written by maxdavinci

May 8, 2005 at 10:10 pm

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