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It’s all official now!

The Lord of the URLs is leaving Hyderabad. I’m off to do my ‘Masters in Networking & Telecommunication’ at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. My last day at Google will be on Wednesday (27th July), following which we have a team dinner (pics will follow).

This might come as a relief to a few denizens of cyberabad, but I have no regrets. Regret only makes one feel low n hurts him more. In any case I hope it’s for the good. I fly out on the 31st and will start a new chapter in my life with the first day of August.

It was a hard decision but a decision I chose to make. Quitting Google wasn’t easy, but this was something I had to do. My manager has been very supportive in this and understands the situation and the importance of higher education.

Cubicle verses and cubicle gyaan will now be found under a new name, posts and comments will have a time lag now. Apart from that I don’t see a change in this blog. College life again means more opportunities to do evil things and that means more topics and incidents to blog about.

Three months at Google have been very rewarding. It has not only changed my outlook but also the way I now look at search results, web pages and the internet in general. Apart from playing with URLs I have learnt a lot about the various products and processes and this is something I’ll forever cherish.

It’s been tough balancing family and friends on one side and office on the other. Since its not too long now, everyone wants a piece of u. Strange isn’t it? While you are around people hardly take notice of you, but when you leave you suddenly become hot property.

Leaving Hyderabad is a very emotional decision, but one that is inevitable. I would surely love to come back to the city that has taught me so much and has added a lot to my lingo. It would also be great if I can get back to Google as I feel there is no other place like it. I may have hurt a few people but I’m sure I brought a smile to almost thrice the number of faces.

Well what can I say now?
Once a Googler always a Googler, likewise once a hyderabadi always a hyderabadi.


Written by maxdavinci

July 25, 2005 at 4:21 pm

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  1. Hi Mayur,

    Feeling a lil bad that I couldn;t say a proper ‘bye’ to you. Anyway, ‘All the best to you’
    Here comes the usual dialogue, pls stay in touch….



    August 1, 2005 at 4:10 am

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