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Independence day celebrated in Kansas city…….

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This should have been posted almost a week ago lekin me was very busy. There is a sizeable number of Indian students in the school, and we got together on Aug 15th
to celebrate our independence day. All students were asked to turn up in traditional clothing, so one cud see kurtas, sherwanis etc. It was a very colorful event and had many of the americans shocked.

By the way I nowadays manage to cook and three others survive my culinary skills! Heaven only save them as they have to put up with me for another 23 months! I may not be making hi-fi thop dishes lekin we survive and Google is the best resource for recipies. The recipie search helps us eat and Google Earth helps us find our way thru the streets of Kansas city.

So here’s a pic of me wrecking havoc in the kitchen!


Written by maxdavinci

August 21, 2005 at 10:28 pm

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