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Thanksgiving loot…….

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Sorry for the late update, but wat do I? Life’s movin real fast!

This thanksgiving I got myself a lappie from Circuit City on Black Frriday.

I was out there on the streets from the night of thanksgiving, sitting in line outside the store. Cafe Latte from QuickTrip saved me from freezing when it was 22F outside.

We entered the store at 5AM, almost 5hrs in queue! That was the first time when I barged into a store(was actually pushed in by the hundred odd behind me though!) Grabbed a trolley and filled it up with whatever I could, boy! it was a mad rush….

35 mins later I have a trolley I can push no more and feet that have been stamped upon a million times.

the specs:

Processor : AMD Turion 1.6 ghz 2MB L2 cache
HDD : 100GB
Optical disk : DVR-RW
Peripherals : Wireless router(free), All in one printer(free)

Alrighty then, time to get back 2 wrk!


Written by maxdavinci

December 3, 2005 at 1:02 am

Posted in updatesu

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