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Plaza casino…….

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Q: What do 8 bored morons with loads of print quota and 2 decks of cards do?

A: Plaza casino royale!

Yep, true. We were utterly bored and had over a million pages of print quota so we printed out 10 dollar bills. Google images gave a lot of variations of the currency over the years.

Cutting them was a tedious job, and then 3 hrs later…

still not done….

The combined weight was a around 15 pounds and totalled to around a million! All of us split the loot amongst ourselves and now we play poker with cash! We did find a poker chip set on amazon but this is more fun. Imagine throwing a few notes across the table and say ‘mere 100 dollars’ or ‘full house’!

The place I stay is called ‘The plaza’ and our appt is rightly named ‘Plaza casino’ by our buddies. So if anyone is in the mood to flush u know who to buzz.

more later……


Written by maxdavinci

December 4, 2005 at 7:34 am

Posted in updatesu

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