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random january post!

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The semester has begun, earlier than usual is wat I hear. Most of my frnds frm other schools had hols till 19th, ours begain on 2nd!

Its gonna be a challengin sem as I have to learn C#, ASP.NET(most of u know y I hate microsoft technologies) etc for my project. But the best part is that I get to use Service Oriented Architecture asd make use of existing WebServices. So that forgives the microsoft part.

I’m considering doin a thesis as well, so lets see how that shapes up.

Had been to the Crown Center ice terrace in Downtown KC recently and some how managed to survive 2 hrs and fell just once!

My frnd bought a portable PS2 so no more sleepin durin borin classroom lectures!

In other news, I bought a fone! but thats gonna b another post!


Written by maxdavinci

January 23, 2006 at 4:25 pm

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