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I’ve got so used to the celsius scale for 22 years that its friggin hard to now start tellin the temp in farenheight. We’ve all learnt in school that C = (F – 32)/2 but then….

Scene 1: At the bus stop waiting for the shuttle

A ‘brotha’ walks up n sez )

Brother : ‘maan its 22F, damn coald…..’,

Me : uh…uh…

(frantically calculatin 22 – 32 = -10, -10/2 = -5.)

Me : Oh -5C! ‘yea maan its cold…..’

(damn! I feel so stopid)

ps: din’t i tell u he walked away while i was claculating with a blank expression on my face….


Written by maxdavinci

February 28, 2006 at 6:02 pm

Posted in updatesu

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