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If you have been wondering why SRK has been seen around cricketers a lot these days then I think I know why. News just in that the superstar is one of 90 bidders for a franchise from among the teams competing in the $3 million Indian Premier League (IPL) next year.

While the franchisees will also bid for the players, some ‘iconic’ stars like Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly will play only for home teams.
The other prominent bidders are business tycoon Vijay Mallya, Anil Ambani and Hollywood actor Russel Crowe, a cousin of former New Zealand cricket captain Martin Crowe. The floor price for the bidders has been fixed at $50 million.

It doesn’t stop there, names like England-based Lord Swaraj Paul, Owners of clubs in the English Premier League [EPL] and National Basketball Association (NBA) and a couple of foreign banks have all staked claim for the 8 teams.

SRK has always been associated with cricket through his Pepsi endorsement and is now branded as the lucky mascot of team India. He is in my opinion the zen at the art of media management and a fantastic PR guy. This news explains the following:

I wish SRK owns the Mumbai team because it would be a treat to watch Ramesh Powar sporting a six-pack or Sachin Tendulkar running bare chested on the pitch. Rahul Dravid and Robin Uthappa wearing vampire red like those Kingfisher flight attendants. Anil Ambani has to own the Delhi team while Sehwag and Gambhir take ashirwad from their moms on the pitch using their video enabled Reliance phones. But the best of the lot will be Saurav maximus dada Ganguly, the lone warrior in a Russel Crowe owned Calcutta team full of also-rans.

Bring it on baby!


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