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Sixty years and an Indian Victory

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Finally a series victory that silences the ghosts of the horrendous world cup exit. Experts may argue if it was the best Indian performance in a series outside the subcontinent, but for me it ranks among the top three in the past twenty years. The near victory against Australia, beating the hell out of Pakistan, and teaching the Brits some swing, all have come as tourists. The victory in the Caribbean may seem a noticeable omission, but that was against a relatively weaker team. A victory away is always a plus, but still it doesn’t ring up on my top three. This image to the right reminds me of an incident my dad always told me about, when Dennis Lillee bowled with nine slip fielders. Lillee will always be remembered for his antics with the aluminium Bat, or his spats with Javed Miandad or Sunil Gavaskar. Famous cricketers have always been in the news more for the wrong reasons than for getting a century or a five wicket haul.

I’ve been following a lot of blogs this past week with a strong ‘August 15th’ flavor. A lot of people have been writing about what really binds our country, for there is a lot of infighting between the states. Kashmir has it’s own set of troubles and is too busy to bother bout the rest, Rajasthan is slowly moving towards progress with reforms with little success in the villages. Gujarat has nothing other than ‘Modism‘ to speak about, MP and UP may well be the biggest states in terms of size and population but are torn by caste politics. Maharashtra has nothing to be proud of itself barring Mumbai and Pune and the plight of sugarcane farmers is suicidal. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have an ever going water battle while Kerala and West Bengal are drowned in communism. Andhra Pradesh is on the verge of being split and losing Hyderabad to Telangana, while Orissa has either drought or floods to keep itself busy. Bihar might be the richest state in terms of resources but they have themselves to blame. The north eastern states are almost forgotten and are treated as mere electoral bastions with no voice. This leaves us with Himachal Pradesh, and Haryana which are just for mere numbers and too small to create any trouble. Now comes the host of new states that were just created to satisfy the pleasures of the political bigwigs behind them. We have union territories that were created owing to political pressure and ‘vote bank‘ politics and thus can again be ignored in this discussion. Punjab for me stands out amongst all the other states, in a time where people are shunning agriculture and moving to cities in search of a better life, Punjab has flourished! They are self sufficient as they mind their own business but are a force to reckon with.

What binds these states with problems of their own is, ‘Cricket’! I’m aware that many will disagree with my statements and cite other unifiers such as ‘Cinema’, brotherhood etc. How can one talk of cinema when some states are banning movies by other industries in the bid to promote their own cinema? In a world when a film from a neighboring state is treated in the foreign language category section, you talk of cinema? Where does universal brotherhood go when factions of society go after each others jugulars on the pretext of caste and religion? For the past 60 years many factors have contributed towards holding our country together which always seems to be on the verge of breaking up. The one factor that evokes the same amount of response in people of all ages, regardless of caste and religion, is ‘Cricket’. This post was written almost a week ago but laziness crept in and it never saw the light of the day. With a disaster at Southampton on the cards, it all makes sense again!


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August 20, 2007 at 2:11 pm

bombay blasts!

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Everybody is horrified by the 8 blasts in the mumbai local trains. People here have been frantically trying to call up relatives and friends and make sure everything is fine.

Hope you guys are safe!

PS: Wikipedia and the power of blogging never cease to amaze me!

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July 11, 2006 at 6:24 pm

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Independence day celebrated in Kansas city…….

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This should have been posted almost a week ago lekin me was very busy. There is a sizeable number of Indian students in the school, and we got together on Aug 15th
to celebrate our independence day. All students were asked to turn up in traditional clothing, so one cud see kurtas, sherwanis etc. It was a very colorful event and had many of the americans shocked.

By the way I nowadays manage to cook and three others survive my culinary skills! Heaven only save them as they have to put up with me for another 23 months! I may not be making hi-fi thop dishes lekin we survive and Google is the best resource for recipies. The recipie search helps us eat and Google Earth helps us find our way thru the streets of Kansas city.

So here’s a pic of me wrecking havoc in the kitchen!

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August 21, 2005 at 10:28 pm

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Republic day……….

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Watched the second half of ‘Upkaar’ in the morning, then the parade.
‘LOC kargil’ in the afternoon n finally ‘bombay’ in the evening!

The best mix of republic day mood makers:

At one end u had manoj kumar reliving the ‘kisan’ angle of our economy n that song ‘mere desh ki dharti’ was just the thing i needed 2 drive away morning blues

Then the parade n a rare slip of the mace in front of the salutaing dias by the police guy. But the military display, dances by school kids overshadowed the mediocre AP tableau.

‘LOC kargil’ was a very gud movie n JP Dutta has tried his best to encapsulate the events of the 1999 war n made a technically gud movie but it wasn’t commercialy viable. Some very good performances, gud background score n excellent lyrics. The song ‘main kahi bhi rahoon’ moved even a patthar dil like me! I then realised that i had the MP3 sumwhere on my comp n found it. It’s intoxicating n has been playin on my comp ever since!

Finally ‘bombay’, Mani ratnam’s excellent movie. Camera wrk, music, lyrics, story n actors all just fell into place. Luved the performances of the supporting actors. The gore, fire all brought back thoughts of godhra!

we plough our lands with great pride, we march in glory and display our valour, we give even the last drop of our blood for the safety of our motherland but yet we kill each other over religion?

strange but true!

Isiliye toh hum kahatein hai bhaiya
it happens only in India…….



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January 27, 2005 at 12:17 am

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