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Finally somebody tries to challenge the worlds best search engine…….

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but in vain…..

Its always been that when you have something so popular as Google, it sets a very high mark for the competitors to match. Loads of wannabe search engines have vanished without a trace and M’soft seems to be goin the same way with the new ‘Windows Live’ search engine.

Firstly the’ve tried to embed the Google features like ‘Local’, ‘Images’ and ‘News’ which can’t be exactly called as a copied idea as they are just tryin to offer similar services.

AJAX is a cool new thing but I’d say that the’ve overdone it. The enlarged images on hover may look cool but then replacing the scrollbar is stoopid! The opening page might seema bit cluttered and folks may argue that its in liew with Google’s personalized home. Now listen up dudes, the google personal page shows u stuff only if u wanna c em. U have control of yorhomepage and you have to sign in first. It doesnt shove the various components in your face!

The home page looks kinda cool with the movable components and colors are neat and simple. Image search is kinda slow to load, Local search uses MapPoint but I can’t find my appt on it. All the search results are shown on a single page so you can’t say ‘hey it’s the second result on page three’.

Ok, lets sum it up…

1) Movable components
2) Good GUI and colours
3) Big images on hover
4) Live Ideas is an interesting concept

1) Replaced the browser scrollbar with AJAX scroll
2) Image search takes a few days to load
3) Local search can’t find my appt, or school
4) Slow Slow SLow
5) Search for ‘mayur’ returns my blog as the thirs result…. LMAO
6) All results on a single page
7) For some reason wen u hover on the URL’s u can find exceptionally long ones(referin via MSN)

The last one one bamboozled me. Why redirect serach results via MSN? To improve pagerank? Or is there any other reason? Sponsored links? Increase traffic? Hmmmmmmmmm we prolly wud never know!

Lastly I surely wont be usin it for search, but I dont discourage ppl. U like eyecandy go ahead, but wen u r tired with floss get back the the simple HTML based Super fast n sexy search engine……

Welcome to Google!


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March 8, 2006 at 10:10 pm

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AJAX rawks!

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Here it is, the baap of feed readers. Google has decided to get into news aggregation n put the rest out of business, more here.

In other news, those of u who heard abt the new IE 7.0, chill. It sucks, n moreover disables all toolbars. How dare they remove the Googlebar? And if that was noy enough the search used is MSN search! It has Tabs that look kinda cute but all the rest is nothin like the hype.

They have sumthin called phishin filters that seemed kinda cool, but hey its after all Micro-f*****-soft ppl will still find a way thru!

BTW if u are wonderin wat AJAX is, look here.

more will follow…………..

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October 7, 2005 at 9:55 pm

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Vint Cerf is a Googler!

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The father of the internet will asume the title “chief Internet evangelist” . Kai-Fu Lee and now the great Turing award recipient (see previous posts), Google is growin like wow! Cerf was earlier in MCI for 15 years. Well this means only one thing, bad news for Yahoo and Microsoft.. more here

It’s 21:30 here n i gotta head home 2 grab some grub.

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September 9, 2005 at 2:15 am

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The big move…….

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It’s all official now!

The Lord of the URLs is leaving Hyderabad. I’m off to do my ‘Masters in Networking & Telecommunication’ at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. My last day at Google will be on Wednesday (27th July), following which we have a team dinner (pics will follow).

This might come as a relief to a few denizens of cyberabad, but I have no regrets. Regret only makes one feel low n hurts him more. In any case I hope it’s for the good. I fly out on the 31st and will start a new chapter in my life with the first day of August.

It was a hard decision but a decision I chose to make. Quitting Google wasn’t easy, but this was something I had to do. My manager has been very supportive in this and understands the situation and the importance of higher education.

Cubicle verses and cubicle gyaan will now be found under a new name, posts and comments will have a time lag now. Apart from that I don’t see a change in this blog. College life again means more opportunities to do evil things and that means more topics and incidents to blog about.

Three months at Google have been very rewarding. It has not only changed my outlook but also the way I now look at search results, web pages and the internet in general. Apart from playing with URLs I have learnt a lot about the various products and processes and this is something I’ll forever cherish.

It’s been tough balancing family and friends on one side and office on the other. Since its not too long now, everyone wants a piece of u. Strange isn’t it? While you are around people hardly take notice of you, but when you leave you suddenly become hot property.

Leaving Hyderabad is a very emotional decision, but one that is inevitable. I would surely love to come back to the city that has taught me so much and has added a lot to my lingo. It would also be great if I can get back to Google as I feel there is no other place like it. I may have hurt a few people but I’m sure I brought a smile to almost thrice the number of faces.

Well what can I say now?
Once a Googler always a Googler, likewise once a hyderabadi always a hyderabadi.

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July 25, 2005 at 4:21 pm

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