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Ajitrakara, a rishi was a staunch devotee of lord Shiva. He performed numerous yagnas and penances to please the lord but in vain. He decided to perform a maha yagna followed by a very severe tapasya which would last for a month. A fortnight into the tapsya his health failed owing to lack of food and sleep, yet he went on with the sole aim of pleasing the lord. After ten days he was in no position to continue and he lay on the ground sapped out of his energy. He was nearing his end and lord Yama sent his yamadoot to do the required. However the power of ajitrakara’s devotion formed a forcefield around him which the yamadoot and even lord Yama were unable to penetrate, as Ajitrakara lay uncouncious.

Yama pleaded lord Shiva to intervene as it was against the laws of vidhi(fate) to escape the cycle of life. Lord Shiva awoke Ajitrakara and thus broke the forcefield, with the forcefield broken the yamadoot spared no time in grabbing Ajitrakara’s soul. As he was being dragged to hell, Ajitrakara cried to lord Shiva as to why he was being treated with such injustice. The only reason for his penance remaining unfulfilled being his failing health, the lord then appeared and explained that in his previous life Ajitrakara was an evil merchant who never paid his servants and forced them to work till they dropped dead else face the lashes of his whip. However the lord was pleased with his devotion in this life and granted him a boon that, in his next life his health would pose no threat to his profession and even if he failed repeatedly he would always get another chance.

The long-list of 24 probables has room for Aakash Chopra and Piyush Chawla, but none for Virender Sehwag and Sreesanth, the latter out of action with a shoulder injury. Parthiv Patel is the third wicketkeeper in the list and may have a strong case if Dinesh Karthik’s poor run continues in the Bangalore Test. Pankaj Singh, the rookie fast bowler from Rajasthan, Ranadeb Bose and Ajit Agarkar, currently nursing a shoulder niggle, were also part of the list.[link]

Ajitrakara was reborn as Ajit Agarkar…..

Now you know…….


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December 6, 2007 at 2:36 pm


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If you have been wondering why SRK has been seen around cricketers a lot these days then I think I know why. News just in that the superstar is one of 90 bidders for a franchise from among the teams competing in the $3 million Indian Premier League (IPL) next year.

While the franchisees will also bid for the players, some ‘iconic’ stars like Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly will play only for home teams.
The other prominent bidders are business tycoon Vijay Mallya, Anil Ambani and Hollywood actor Russel Crowe, a cousin of former New Zealand cricket captain Martin Crowe. The floor price for the bidders has been fixed at $50 million.

It doesn’t stop there, names like England-based Lord Swaraj Paul, Owners of clubs in the English Premier League [EPL] and National Basketball Association (NBA) and a couple of foreign banks have all staked claim for the 8 teams.

SRK has always been associated with cricket through his Pepsi endorsement and is now branded as the lucky mascot of team India. He is in my opinion the zen at the art of media management and a fantastic PR guy. This news explains the following:

I wish SRK owns the Mumbai team because it would be a treat to watch Ramesh Powar sporting a six-pack or Sachin Tendulkar running bare chested on the pitch. Rahul Dravid and Robin Uthappa wearing vampire red like those Kingfisher flight attendants. Anil Ambani has to own the Delhi team while Sehwag and Gambhir take ashirwad from their moms on the pitch using their video enabled Reliance phones. But the best of the lot will be Saurav maximus dada Ganguly, the lone warrior in a Russel Crowe owned Calcutta team full of also-rans.

Bring it on baby!

Are your balls pink???????

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Ahem, I know the title of this post sounds really cheeky and boasts of gay overtones. Those of you who have begun celebrating my-coming-out-of-the-closet can come back to earth. I hate to spoil your party but then it’s not about me nor does it have to do anything with the queer eye. Now as MJ sez lets keep things in the closet and go to the reason for this post. Batsmen often have trouble spotting the white ball in ODI cricket towards the death overs. There have been various strategies proposed such as a different ball at each end and the now implemented 35over change. Research has led to a conclusion that pink colored balls tend to retain their color and are easy to spot by batsmen and TV cameras.

The MCC, who are responsible for the laws of cricket, have been testing different colours for the last year, Their head of cricket, John Stephenson, is responsible for the innovation and he told The Times: “Paint tends to flake off white balls and we have asked Kookaburra to produce a batch of pink ones because these show up so much better.

“The challenge is to produce a ball which retains its colour – I doubt it will be any more expensive to produce or buy. I have asked Mike Gatting, the ECB’s managing director of cricket partnerships, to use them in county second XI one-day matches, but we shall start by trying them in fixtures such as MCC v Europe and in the university matches we sponsor.

“My aim would be to use the pink ball in Twenty20 cricket in 2009 and thereafter in one-day international cricket, but this will be dependent on trials and what the ECB thinks.”

Scientists will also test the pink balls for television: orange ones used before left a trail in the dark. Gatting added: “We are trying to make cricket a better game for the players and television and have got past looking at it from a traditionalist’s view.”

Of all the colors in the world why did they have to pick pink? I agree that blue, brown etc are out of question, but what harm has yellow done? I am all for the charge of the yellow brigade! Lord Gatting has probably lost it after being flummoxed by Shane Warne’s ripping leg break which is often referred to as the ball of the century. After Kerry Packer dressed up the mighty West Indies in pink pyjamas, the Caribbeans graduated to maroon. 30 years later, the color will once again be seen on a cricket pitch! You’ve got company SRK, the ECB also subscribes to your tees-saal-baad theory….

Read the full article here

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November 13, 2007 at 1:56 am

Sixty years and an Indian Victory

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Finally a series victory that silences the ghosts of the horrendous world cup exit. Experts may argue if it was the best Indian performance in a series outside the subcontinent, but for me it ranks among the top three in the past twenty years. The near victory against Australia, beating the hell out of Pakistan, and teaching the Brits some swing, all have come as tourists. The victory in the Caribbean may seem a noticeable omission, but that was against a relatively weaker team. A victory away is always a plus, but still it doesn’t ring up on my top three. This image to the right reminds me of an incident my dad always told me about, when Dennis Lillee bowled with nine slip fielders. Lillee will always be remembered for his antics with the aluminium Bat, or his spats with Javed Miandad or Sunil Gavaskar. Famous cricketers have always been in the news more for the wrong reasons than for getting a century or a five wicket haul.

I’ve been following a lot of blogs this past week with a strong ‘August 15th’ flavor. A lot of people have been writing about what really binds our country, for there is a lot of infighting between the states. Kashmir has it’s own set of troubles and is too busy to bother bout the rest, Rajasthan is slowly moving towards progress with reforms with little success in the villages. Gujarat has nothing other than ‘Modism‘ to speak about, MP and UP may well be the biggest states in terms of size and population but are torn by caste politics. Maharashtra has nothing to be proud of itself barring Mumbai and Pune and the plight of sugarcane farmers is suicidal. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have an ever going water battle while Kerala and West Bengal are drowned in communism. Andhra Pradesh is on the verge of being split and losing Hyderabad to Telangana, while Orissa has either drought or floods to keep itself busy. Bihar might be the richest state in terms of resources but they have themselves to blame. The north eastern states are almost forgotten and are treated as mere electoral bastions with no voice. This leaves us with Himachal Pradesh, and Haryana which are just for mere numbers and too small to create any trouble. Now comes the host of new states that were just created to satisfy the pleasures of the political bigwigs behind them. We have union territories that were created owing to political pressure and ‘vote bank‘ politics and thus can again be ignored in this discussion. Punjab for me stands out amongst all the other states, in a time where people are shunning agriculture and moving to cities in search of a better life, Punjab has flourished! They are self sufficient as they mind their own business but are a force to reckon with.

What binds these states with problems of their own is, ‘Cricket’! I’m aware that many will disagree with my statements and cite other unifiers such as ‘Cinema’, brotherhood etc. How can one talk of cinema when some states are banning movies by other industries in the bid to promote their own cinema? In a world when a film from a neighboring state is treated in the foreign language category section, you talk of cinema? Where does universal brotherhood go when factions of society go after each others jugulars on the pretext of caste and religion? For the past 60 years many factors have contributed towards holding our country together which always seems to be on the verge of breaking up. The one factor that evokes the same amount of response in people of all ages, regardless of caste and religion, is ‘Cricket’. This post was written almost a week ago but laziness crept in and it never saw the light of the day. With a disaster at Southampton on the cards, it all makes sense again!

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August 20, 2007 at 2:11 pm

cricket in KC……

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Found an empty parking lot, got a bat stole tennis balls frm the tennis court n bas chalo. Was fun playin after a long time, esp the look on the faces of the bystanders n gyus speedin on the opp road.
Spare a thought for the moron who got out cheap and had to maintain fairplay in the game.

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August 8, 2005 at 4:24 am

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oz vs row? super series?

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Lost to england in a 20-20 match (okay the poms play gud 20-20 but losin by 100 runs?)

Lost to Somerset in a countyside match (jayasurya n grame smith played but still allowed em 2 chase 345?)

Lost to Bangladesh in a natwest series match (ashraful played well but still bangladesh? 107 matches 10 wins)

whoz next? Google Cricket club?

messrs Gavaskar n co. ought to rethink mayb!

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June 20, 2005 at 5:45 am

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Cricket update…

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Aaj toh India kicked ass! Today’s was an exhiliratin display of gamesmanship. India literally batted Pakistan out of the match.

Pehle to apna dada can’t bat lekin is still the toss ka boss. Sachin oncg again 4got that he is an opener n not a replacement 4 kumble, Sehwag was at his usual mood. Dhoni ka promotion was a master move n such decisions help dada retain his place.

Dhoni apart frm his super cool hairstyle proved his worth wid the bat as well. Dravid played one of his usual i-know-wat-i’m-doin knocks, n guided Dhoni lekin made him run a lot. Offlate Rahul’s marathon innings have infused a lot of energy vich enable him 2 make those sharp singles with utmost ease.

Then the look on Inzy’s face wen India crossed 300 was priceless like those MasterCard ads. But the bowlers held their nerve n finally India went up 2-0.

PS: Inzy’s words wen he was runout, can anyone put em as a comment?

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April 5, 2005 at 9:59 pm

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