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Moved yet again…….

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Oh yea, A few of you must have got fed up of this exercise and I know its a bit irritating.
This blog has moved to a more permanent location and shall hopefully stay there. Please update your readers and bookmarks and point them to http://www.maxdavinci.com/blog.

WordPress is a fantastic platform and has helped my blog go places. With over 10,000 page views and 250+ comments the past  months have been fantastic. Do follow this blog in its new home…


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May 5, 2008 at 12:12 am

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Another birthday gone…….

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The year 2007 has been a good one, Much better than the previous years on the personal front I must add. Every field has its own share of moments be it Cinema, Cricket, Politics or anything else. I would prefer not to belittle them by attempting to summarize any, but would prefer to reflect on the year from a personal front.

I resumed blogging after a six-month hiatus and it had to start with a review of a ‘thalaivar padam‘. Not that I hadn’t watched any movies prior to it. There were good ones like the unforgettable ‘Guru‘, the thought provoking ‘Black friday‘, the masaledaar ‘Pirates III’, etc. There were many that escaped being featured on this space like the Bollywood inspired ‘Spidey III‘, the traumatizing ‘himesh ka suroor‘ and the megastar’s mega woeful ‘Shankardada‘ to name a few. I still feel bad for the hate mail my ‘Fanaa‘ review attracted! It however feels good to be back to blogging regularly(almost) and wordpress has helped me connect to a much larger circle of bloggers.

A strong tamil flavor has been surrounding recent posts but this isn’t a deliberate attempt, just that I’ve been watching too many tamil movies offlate and build my sarcasm around them.The frequency of the posts has not been constant and that would be attributed to my (never ending)research work and thesis manuscript. With that out of the way now, I hope to post more frequently and add two sections namely ‘Ad of the week’ and ‘Gaana of the week’ which will showcase my googling abilities and youtube prowess.

The biggies of the year for me would my first job, relocating to Detroit, new car, my thesis and graduation. Though I would love to get back to school, it feels good to be able to meet deadlines at work without having to worry about midnight submissions, assignments, exams and grades. Finishing school and working at the same time is something that is to be attempted with caution, and is not widely recommended. I don’t want to sound cliche

The highlights of the year for me have been my first job, relocation to Detroit, first car, thesis and graduation. I feels great to have finished my thesis and to have graduated which seemed like eternity. I don’t wanna sound clichéd but I really enjoy what I am doing at work. I would love to go back to school but being able to meet deadlines at work without having to worry about obtaining experimental results and tweaking algorithms for optimal performance is a huge relief. I definitely will miss those midnight submissions, assignments, exams, grades and the tomfoolery we did on campus.

It felt really good to submit my thesis on my birthday to the library and get them sign off on the last piece of documentation. I would here like to thank one all all who called me with their wishes and the international calls in particular made me feel very special! I was initially mad at people for using malicious javascript hacks to bastardize orkut scrapbooks and post new year wishes, however each and every one of the 115 scraps I received felt so very good.

Thank you!

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January 8, 2008 at 5:17 pm

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Ah finally…….

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My research has finally been approved and is ready to be published. The last few weeks have been pretty hectic juggling work and research at the same time. Any budding-researchers/desi-grad-students-in search-of-funding reading this blog remember, It’s not easy riding two horses at the same time unless you are Zorro!

I have now made a so-called significant contribution to the world of science and our proposed algorithm can now protect mobile agents from attacks by malicious hosts. I know it sounds convoluted, but then I myself share the same feeling. After being officially kicked out of grad school I can now dedicate all my time to work(ya rite!). Blogging and my playstation will now fill the void created by the completion of my research and that means more vetti hours.

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December 19, 2007 at 1:53 pm

First post from maryland!

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KCI had a paid wi-fi system provided by Sprint and that prevented me from getting online, CLT had wi-fi but then I forgot to reset my clock and by the time I realised ’twas boarding time. Raced from gate C12 to D7 and boy that’s a looong way!

Drove to Greenbelt from BWI directly and now will survey the area in the morning!

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May 28, 2006 at 6:28 am

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The summer move…….

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I resigned my job at the Med School yesterday and am off to Maryland for the summer. Have been ofered an intern position at NASD, Rockville and hope to have fun o’er there.

’twas awesome wrkin at the med school and that too being a CS guy. Sometime down the line when my prof’s wrk becomes famous, I’ll be able to tell ppl that I had a contribution in medical history!

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May 27, 2006 at 2:42 pm

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I’ve got so used to the celsius scale for 22 years that its friggin hard to now start tellin the temp in farenheight. We’ve all learnt in school that C = (F – 32)/2 but then….

Scene 1: At the bus stop waiting for the shuttle

A ‘brotha’ walks up n sez )

Brother : ‘maan its 22F, damn coald…..’,

Me : uh…uh…

(frantically calculatin 22 – 32 = -10, -10/2 = -5.)

Me : Oh -5C! ‘yea maan its cold…..’

(damn! I feel so stopid)

ps: din’t i tell u he walked away while i was claculating with a blank expression on my face….

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February 28, 2006 at 6:02 pm

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friggin cold!

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Wunderground says it’s -7deg F and -22deg C today in KC.

I dont wanna leave home but then school beckons, ya I know its a saturday!
did I mention the thick layer of snow?


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February 18, 2006 at 5:29 pm

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